Drainage Solutions

Drainage issues? H-K Landscaping has the answers. We use a variety of methods to move the water away from your house, office or commercial building.

Examples of some of our services:

–Downspout runoff. H-K Landscaping will create a custom system to collect the water and pipe it away from your home or building.

–Water in yard. Low spots in lawns can cause a muddy mess and a place for mosquito breeding. H-K Landscaping can regrade your lawn to remove low spots.  If regrading can’t be done we can install a yard drain and pipe the water away from the area. 

–Dry wells.

–Sock tile and French drains.

While H-K Landscaping can’t change the geology of your site or area, we can create a custom solution to work with the given soil types to create proper slopes, barriers or contours to solve your drainage issues.

The answers to your drainage problems is only a phone call away. Contact H-K Landscaping to request a quote.